Pokémon 19 Packs HID Bundle New Brilliant Battle 25th Vmax Promo TCG Japanese retail stores


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If you have reached this far, slimy corner of the internet, in your search for Pokémon cards, I ask you to please reconsider your choices in life, and ask yourself, “what has brought me to this crucial point?” All jokes aside, you have reached the most grimiest, most filthiest place online to get your packs. This is where you find your Weezings, Koffings, Grimers, Raticates, Crobats, Muks, Gastlys, cool Squirtles, and your occasional lost Psyducks. Rest assured that you are in safe hands, and that all items are described accurately. Welcome to the PokeSlum
* Brand new packs, you will get 3 star birth, battle region, Vmax Climax, 25th anniversary, brilliant stars, battle styles, plus 1 promo pack, for a total of 19 PACKS, star birth and 25th anniversary comes with 5 cards each pack, battle region 6 cards, Vmax climax 11 cards, brilliant stars and battle styles 10 cards each pack, promo pack 1 card, you will get random character arts for the American versions (no repeats) Untampered