MINT Majoras Mask Zelda New 3DS LL/XL (Japanese) to provide you with a pleasant online shopping


ConditionLike new
CategoryElectronics, Video games & consoles, Handheld Consoles, Nintendo Handheld Consoles


Absolutely beautiful and flawless condition. Scratch free on the exterior, as well as scratch free on both screens. This devices comes CIB, the box itself does have some wear/light damage. I HIGHLY recommend putting screen protectors on both to keep them looking amazing, and to keep the value of this device long term. Even some clear plastic protector stickers for the exterior would be a good idea. This device has been region changed, so it reads in English, has the capability to play US physical games, and comes with about 100 games loaded up onto the 128 GB micro SD. Eshop/Nintendo account is not accessible with the region changed devices. Would be the perfect gift for a Zelda fan, or any purist collector with its amazing condition! (Will be wrapped in foam wrapping inside bubble wrap to avoid scratches, as well as foam wrap in between screens)